American dad!

American-Dad-american-dad-877315_800_600American Dad! is an American adult animated sitcom crated by Mark Barker and it is broadcast on Fox.

American Dad! tells the stories of Stan, CIA agent and male stereotype of the American male, who has muscles and a passion for weapons. He lives with his wife (a blonde curvy housewife) and with his children Harvey, a pacifist and an environmentalist who is in contrast with his father, and Steve. There are also two strange characters: Roger, an alien that Stan hides without the Government’s permission, and Klaus, a goldfish that has been transplanted a German brain.

This heterogeneous and funny group discloses with irony the contradictions of American society: the political and social satire of American Dad! answer to no one and they try to show the world, but especially to Americans, the most comical sides of US culture.


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